September 28, 2022

About Blightfire

Blightfire is a WOTLK (3.3.5a) PvP enabled server with 2x - 5x rates, an overall blizzlike experience with a few quality of life modifications here and there.
Our server is powered by AzerothCore.

Blightfire Features

Experience Rates:
2x • Battlegrounds
3x • Crafting, Gathering, Defense Skills, Weapon Skills
3.5x • Mob Kill, Exploration, Pet Leveling
5x • Money Drop Rate
5x • Questing

Auto Scaling Dungeons:
Dungeon difficulty scales to your party size, so you can solo if you wish

These features are subject to change as population increases, we'll see:
• Cross-faction partying, trading, who-list

Leveling Rewards:
Gain unique loot packs and other rewards as you level:
• Starting from level 5, gain rewards every 10 levels
• Rewards can be packs with mounts, gear, gold, etc.

Move Speed Bonus:
Default character move speed is set to 1.2x default

Random Visual Enchantments/Item Enchantments:
Items looted have a chance to receive random enchantments:
• You will be notified in your chat window if an item received any enchantments
• Items from mob kills and quest rewards both have chances at receiving random enchantments
• Unbound items with random enchantments create many possibilities in terms of item value and profits
Items looted have a chance to receive random visual enchantments:
• The item may have a visual effect to it, but no stat bonuses.
• Overwriting with an actual enchantment will overwrite the visual style.

Various other adjustments:

Dueling will reset your cooldowns, and return you to your initial hp, mana, etc. when complete:
• This effect is only active in Elwynn Forest, Durotar or the Gates of Ironforge

You may remain AFK without disconnecting as long as you're in a sanctuary area

Characters each may have up to 3 professions, instead of 2

Resting EXP growth rate increased by 50%

Instant flight can be toggled at flight master NPCs

Transmog NPC available near Auction Houses in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar

Only 3 signatures needed to create a guild

Quest icons will show if within 15 levels below or above the quest's level

Global chat by typing ".chat [message]", chat to all players online

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